Life Insurance & Annuities

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Both life insurance and annuities can help with your future planning. While both include death benefits, annuities are designed to provide money for you to live on in case you outlive your assets; whereas life insurance is designed to provide economic protection for your loved ones when you pass away.

There are multiple types of life insurance, and the same is true with annuities. Both products also come with their own advantages and disadvantages depending upon your financial needs.

Fortunately, Retka Insurance Center is here to help you determine which type(s) is right for your situation. Our knowledgeable agents can inform you of your options and provide comparison quotes so you can make the best decision possible. Contact us today to get on the right track to financial support for yourself and for your loved ones as you age.

Please Note: All comparison / quoting resources on this site do not provide all the plan options available to you. For a more accurate listing of your available options, we encourage you to contact [link to contact page] our office to schedule a free, no-hassle appointment.

Coverage Flexibility

Retka Insurance Center maintains solid relationships with numerous life insurance companies.

Our agents can pull quotes and coordinate coverage with the following providers:

FCSU Financial